Who we are:
The yourrussianbride.net team is a group of information junkies who enjoy identifying the best products in the market and sharing this knowledge with consumers who want to make informed decisions about products that they really need. The team is made up of techies, geeks and analysts who spend hours testing and screening a range of products and services so that you don't have to.
What we do:
The yourrussianbride.net team works hard to keep abreast of the latest product trends and consumer preferences. Our primary goal is to provide you with meticulous product rankings of all the products and services that we love to use. We enjoy creating comprehensive comparison tables based on our research so that consumers can see at a glance which services offer the features they need. Believe it or not, we also enjoy writing informational articles about subjects that interest us, and we hope that by passing on our knowledge we'll help you make the best possible decision.
How We Rate and Review
All the reviews and texts published on our website are created by our team according to our internal guidelines. Our reviewers spend pretty much time on each review to ensure that the content is high-quality, accurate and contains helpful information. However, there is always a chance that some details can be missed, prices can be changed, or new tools and features can appear or disappear after the publication. We are open to feedback from our readers. If you have something to share, please feel free to contact us via email. Our Score for each reviewed dating site is a complex metric based on assessment of several criteria:
  • The ease of registration process. We test and evaluate how the sign up flows. Is it quick and clear? How many fields are obligatory to be filled in and how helpful they are.
  • Website’s usability and design.We score the interface of the dating website, how easy it is to find everything you need and how comfortable you feel using the services.
  • Chatting and communication.Here we take into consideration the diversity and quality of communication means offered by the website.
  • Pricing.We compare the website’s prices with the similar services to define its value for money.
  • Support service.Usually we contact the support team asking for some help and evaluate and quick, helpful and friendly the reply was
After a thorough test and analysis we comprise the website's review in detail for you to get the full picture of the dating service before registering there.