How to attract a girl on an online dating site?

Just like in real-life dating, online dating requires men to be persistent and determined if they want to impress a girl.

Well, with offline romantic affairs everything is pretty clear: a man should dress up well, take care of his odor and hairstyle, as well as be polite and eloquent. With this recipe, no girl will be able to stand the charm of a wooer.

Online dating set other challenges in front of males. So here are explanations about what attracts girls in men on dating platforms.


A book is judged by its cover, and a man on an online dating site is judge by his profile. To attract as many girls as possible, one should have a very appealing and strong profile. Here’s how to improve some of its features.

High-quality photo

The first thing that a girl notices in the search is the profile photo of a man. That’s also the first thing that she sees when visiting the man’s page.

So to make a good impression, you should take care of a qualitative photo by:

  • ordering a professional photo-session
  • taking a high-quality photo on your own (consider a friendly selfie)

However, note that girls hate bathroom photos of men or pictures which reveal their routine life (for example, that’s a photo taking in the parlor exposing some of the mess in the room) .

Sincere description

Another thing that attracts girls in men on online dating sites is their personal information. Girls are curious about who the man is, what he likes, what his vision in life is and what he expects his ideal partner to be.

So the only way to catch a woman’s eye is to make a creative description of yourself, writing sincere but the most exciting things.


At the stage of communication, all the work done before might be in vain. Interaction with a lady online is crucial as only it can help her to understand what the man like is and whether they could fit each other.

Here are the core issues that the man should pay attention to when chatting or calling the girl online.


Simple politeness, like expressing thankfulness and humbleness for the fact that the lady decided to text you first, is essential.

Also, to engage a girl online, you should make sure you are not using any rude expressions or curse words! Be tolerant of her opinion and remember about respect.


Ladies have already complained a lot that they are either disgusted or bored when men out of the blue instead of civilized communication offer them sex or tell them how horny they are.

Just forget about that, never jump from stage 1 to stage 5 in a relationship, even if you are handling it online.


When talking to a girl online, never rush to tell her everything about yourself ignoring her stories and suggestions. That is just too selfish! Yes, you have to be open, but wisely.

Also, show interest in a girl. She would not cherish anything more than that. If she asks you any questions in private messages, do the same: ask her. Make her understand that you care.

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