How To Date A Russian Girl: Facts, Tips, Rules

Do you need tips for dating a Russian woman? You'd better learn a few ones as dating your local girls is very different from having relationships with Russian brides . Cultures, mindsets, values, expectations are diverse. If you're not a fan of unexpected surprises and want to be ready — keep going and read the guide below.

What is it like dating a Russian woman?

‌Cultural differences have their own impact on relationships between women from Russia and men from the West.

  • You'll learn more about gender roles. Gender roles are much stricter in Russia than in the majority of Western countries. Men are breadwinners and providers while women are more of home keepers. There are exceptions, of course. Moreover, more and more girls refuse to follow any society's expectations and go for equality in relationships. So, it depends.
  • You'll speak different languages. As a rule, women who date foreigners know English quite well to communicate with no trouble. However, there might be different cases and misunderstandings because she may use the wrong word or get you incorrect.

How to date a Russian woman

Dating Russian women facts

‌Before you learn how to date a Russian woman, get familiar with a few interesting facts about the girls from this country.

They dress to impress

‌It's undoubtedly, Russian women stand out from other girls by their style. It takes them lots of time, effort, and money to look the way they look — always fabulous and perfect. What distinguishes them? High heels for almost all occasions. Makeup that's often bright (long lashes, plush lips). Ideal manicure, pedicure, hairstyle. You'll never have to blush because of how she looks.

They're great housewives

‌It, first, concerns their cooking skills. Eating out, though becoming more common, is still not so popular as it is in Western countries. People are used to cooking at home. You can hardly meet a woman in Russia who can't cook at least basic dishes. Hence, be sure, you'll never die of hunger. Pancakes, borscht, salads, and many more will always be in your fridge.

They expect men to be initiative

‌Men take first steps in Russia. Even if a girl is interested in a man and likes him a lot, it is highly unlikely she'll be confident enough to ask him out on a date or to just have a coffee together. She'll rather be very creative in letting him know she doesn't mind meeting him for a date. That's why it's you who needs to be confident and be the first who texts, calls, suggests a meeting, etc.

Misconceptions about dating a Russian woman

‌There are certain stereotypes and rumors about Russian women dating foreign men. Let's dispel some myths.

  • All Russian women want a rich foreign husband. Gold diggers are common all around the globe. There are not more of them in Russia than in any other country. Moreover, the percentage of women having plans for your wallet is much less than the number of women looking for a partner to have committed relationships with. As a rule, Russian girls aren't interested in your money as much as they're interested in what personality you are and what values you have .
  • All Russian girls are too easy. This point is similar to the previous one — you can't find women with the same characters and values within the limits of one country. They're all very different. Unfortunately, there's a stereotype Russian women are ready for everything just to get a foreigner, but this is not true. They're looking for an equal partner. The only thing is that they find Westerners more attractive than local men.

dating a Russian girl tips

Dating Russian woman tips

‌Finally, let's learn what foreigners should always (or never) do when dating beauties from Russia.

  • Pay the bills. A woman's wallet is her wallet, but a man's wallet is a shared wallet in Russia. That's often regarded as a joke, but it has a germ of truth. Everyone is accustomed that a man is a provider in Russia. Even if a girl is financially successful and can pay for herself, she'll often expect a man to pay for her dinner, movie tickets, etc.
  • Be confident. Another important tip on dating a Russian woman is to always bear yourself like you own the world. Girls find confidence and self-assurance extremely sexy. If you're indecisive, can't be initiative, and don't take any responsibility — a Russian woman will never fall for you.
  • Make her laugh. A good sense of humor is sexy too for the majority of Russian girls. They really find Western men funnier than their local guys. So don't be afraid to look awkward, she'll appreciate your effort to make her laugh and cut the tension. But don't try too hard, just be yourself.
  • Talk about things that matter to her. Russian women rarely date just for the sake of dating. They date to marry or at least have serious relationships where they can rely on a partner. That's why you shouldn't avoid topics about your future. Of course, don't jump into it on your first date, but don't put it off too far either.

‌Dating a Russian woman rules aren't somehow too difficult or challenging. Yes, the dating culture is different, and you need to learn a few new things that first might be uncommon or even weird for you. But you'll get used to it. Anyway, dating a woman from Russia is usually only about pleasure and care. Will you give it a shot?

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