Online vs. Offline. Where do foreigners prefer looking for girlfriends?

Nowadays, encountering people online is a common thing. Everyday users all over the world spend hours adding friends on social networks, chatting with them, making Skype calls.

At the same time, there has emerged a peculiar niche for exclusively romantic online communication. Foreigners gladly browse through ladies’ profiles on online dating sites trying to find the loves of their lives.

But why is it happening? Why do Westerners prefer looking for girlfriends or even wives from other countries with the help of the Internet but not offline? Here are the answers to these questions.

Cultural differences and risks

It might be frightening to look for a mail-order bride from the overseas offline because of cultural differences and jeopardies of failure.

On the contrary, communication online can be a less stressful experience as long distance and technology can be a perfect partition between two cultures colliding.

When a foreigner travels to look for a potential girlfriend, he might get exposed to cultural issues that are not pleasant to him, like meeting girl’s parents at an early stage of communication, practicing time-consuming customs and so on.

Traveling to another country to meet a girl can also be risky and fruitless. That’s why foreigners prefer online meetings.

Language barrier

Just like in the case of cultural differences, offline dating can be crashed due to the language barrier.

At the first stage of dating it is crucial for both partners to understand each other well. However, inviting a professional interpreter for offline meetings may not pay off.

So no wonder that foreigners give preference to online dating as lots of mail-order bride sites offer services of a translator and some – even free of charge.

Being online is a part of foreigners’ life

People of the 21st century cannot imagine their existence without online communication: either it is connected to their work, studying or private life.

Foreigners often prefer looking for partners online just because it is “in their blood,” just like checking up a news feed.

Furthermore, among ambitious men from abroad who search for girls online are introverts, so for them, it is much more comfortable and natural to know the person online first before meeting her offline.

Westerners are busy

Lots of foreigners who resort to searching for mail-order brides online live a hectic life. They run their own businesses, manage firms or companies, do the office work and dedicate free time to various activities like work out or other hobbies (if they have it).

So it is almost impossible for them to find a couple of free hours to go out on dates (or travel) and win the heart of a girl offline.

It is convenient

Online dating does not only save the time for busy foreigners, but it also makes their life more comfortable. Lots of mail-order bride sites and other dating services offer convenient mobile versions of their websites or even provide their classes with easy-to-use online dating mobile applications.

Therefore, foreigners enjoy communication with their favorite ladies on-the-go.

Moreover, lots of such sites also offer modernized interfaces and potent search tools, so using them for Westerners, who cannot imagine their life without technology, is like manna from heaven.

No time wasting on meaningless conversations

Sure enough, foreigners could look for girls on such popular social networks and apps as Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. However, indeed that is nearly a waste of time.

A busy man may not know whether the lady that he likes and would like to chat with her is real or not. Even if yes, he might spend time talking with her and later find out that she has a boyfriend or is not interested in any kind of relationships at all.

The same goes for offline dates, and it is even more frustrating.

By contrast, normally all girls, who use online dating sites, are verified by their intentions, and their identities are checked as well.

Registering on a specialized website for dating, people can be sure that there will be other members with purposes that match their expectations.

Keeping this in mind, foreigners prefer making an acquaintance online as there are fewer risks involved.

For all these reasons, Westerners gladly choose meeting girls online than offline.

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