Russian Women And Sex: What Are Russian Women Like In Bed

Compared to previous generations, modern Russian ladies are real pros at sexual stuff. They’re open to trying new things and have lots of amazing tricks to use. Although every Russian girl is unique in bed, there are some traits the majority of local ladies share when talking about sex.

What do Russian women like in sex?

Sexual preferences of Russian girls vary a lot. These hotties like anything, starting from BDSM to shibari. No matter what you’re looking for, there are women from Russia who share your interests and wildest dreams. Let’s dig deeper into what makes Russian girls moan in bed:

Various sex positions

Sleeping with a Russian girl is like practicing Kamasutra. A Russian woman loves a missionary position, as she likes to see her partner’s face and kiss his neck and lips. She also enjoys some doggy-style sex. This position gives a lot of pleasure and enjoyment to her, especially if you touch her breasts and butt.

If you’re thinking of sex with a Russian woman, be prepared for unusual stuff. A local girl likes to experiment with places where she gets naughty. A Russian girl loves having sex in the kitchen, the bathroom, maybe even outside in the park. A change in sex positions and locations enhances the excitement and pleasure.

Russian women and sex

Creativity in bed

Don’t be afraid to get creative in the bedroom. Some Russian ladies enjoy threesomes and roleplaying. So grab a pair of nurse and patient costumes on your way to her house to spice things up. She’ll thank you for touching her arms and inner thighs while having sex, as it gives her shivers and lets her enjoy the process even more. Bite her lips, fingers, and collarbones - Russian girls love that stuff in bed!

Dirty language

A local lady loves compliments and hearing how gorgeous and enticing she is. However, once the lights get dimmed, she wants her man to use a more colorful language to create a seductive atmosphere. A Russian woman likes some dirty talk in bed, but be careful not to cross the line. Keep it smooth to make her moan your name out loud.

Tips on getting Russian girls horny

Before jumping to bed, every Russian woman likes when men take things slowly. Once you both are all alone in the bedroom, try to play with her clothes while slowly undressing her, look into her eyes, and kiss her neck. These simple tricks will make her highly aroused before the actual sex.

Sex with Russian women always includes touching. They love being touched. If you want a Russian girl’s panties to get wet, touch her inner thighs, and slowly caress her breasts. Such actions will make her dream about sex with you as soon as possible, and that’s exactly what you want!

Another thing adored by many young Russian girls is feeling weak, yet protected in bed. When she’s on top of you, she wants you to take control and move her hips up and down. This shows her that your confidence is high and you’re the boss of the situation.

What you should never do with Russian women in b

There are some things which can turn off any Russian girl in bed. Check out the most popular don’ts below to avoid awkwardness in the bedroom:

  • Don’t give her the initiative. If you just lay there and wait for a Russian woman to do all the work, she’s gonna get turned off instantly. A Russian girl loves when her man is in control most of the time, not the other way around.
  • Don’t use too many curse words. Dirty talk is great, but a Russian girl appreciates when a man knows when to stop. Also don’t use swear words in daily conversations, as it can come off as rudeness to her.
  • Don’t neglect her. Whether you’re putting on a condom or turning the lights off, never switch your gaze from her to something else. A Russian lady wants to have all of your attention during sex, as well as after. Once you both finish, hug her and tell her beautiful words to make the experience even more pleasing.

Russian girls are real pros when it comes to sex. Ladies here aren’t afraid to experiment and easily take on any sex challenge! Their love for touching, various positions, and places make sex with them unforgettable. And if Russian ladies aren’t goddesses of sex, then who is?

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