Seven tips for the first date: how not to spoil it?

After weeks, months or even years of online dating you and your mail-order bride or online girlfriend would like to meet finally.

You have decided to take the lead and organize everything for the date in her hometown: from the choice of a restaurant to the sights that two of you would visit.

Not to humiliate yourself you even resorted to the services of your online dating site, to help you arrange the romantic tour or the first date and invite an interpreter to overcome the language barrier between you and your favorite.

Everything seems to be going smooth, but at some point at the date, you realize something goes wrong, and it’s all because of your clumsiness or rush. Did you plan that?

Here’s how to avoid awkward moments and get the best out of your first date.

1. Make a good impression from the start

There’s no other known way to act correctly on the first date than being yourself. If you are shy about something, let her know, speak up, just do not go into much detail.

But before that, make sure you make a good impression on your lady when picking her up or meet her in a restaurant at the beginning of the date. Greet her, don’t hurry to hug her if she is reluctant to body contact at first.

Tell her something sweet about the way she looks, about her perfume or an extravagant purse. Do not miss these initial stages, because otherwise, a disaster may occur.

2. Do not stare at her

Yes, as long as you are already on the first date, you consider this woman beautiful. Yes, she might be two or three times more attractive in life than online, but it doesn’t mean you should stare at her all the time!

The best option is to look right into her eyes when she talks, to make that work perfectly, focus your eyes on your interlocutor’s nose bridge: this way you will both look into her eyes and relax.

3. Talk to her as normally

Don’t try to be eloquent because if you are not like this in real life, you will not succeed by pretending on the first date.

However, do not be talkative. Give her time to lead the conversation too. Otherwise, if you are shy, do not sit silently. If you don’t know how to start a discussion, ask her something: either how her day was or what her favorite pet is.

4. Ask her questions

To make the conversation balanced and show your lady that you care and you are interested in her, keep asking her questions.

Although, do not turn it into a job interview or interrogation. Keep the conversation light. After she answers your question, tell her about your experience on this issue too.

Avoid conversations which can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts like politics or religious beliefs. You may leave them for further dates.

Perhaps, you have already discussed a lot while chatting on an online dating site, so the first date is an opportunity to learn more about each other’s body language, views on life, see how she behaves in public and whether you fit each other.

5. Compliment her

You should make the good impression on your girl not only at the beginning of the date but throughout it. So keep complimenting her all the time (but not too much!) .

For example, you may say that you like the way she removes hair from her shoulder or the way she talks. Don’t be trivial!

6. Keep away your smartphone

Just forget about it unless you want to order the taxi. Don’t even look at it. Dealing with a cell phone may crush the easy flow of the conversation.

7. End up the first date well

Offer to pay for the meal. However, if your lady wants to pay equally, respect her choice and agree with that.

Order a taxi or buy her extra flowers or balloons in the nearby shop. Make it romantic.

Do not forget to thank her for the first date and give her warm hugs. Who knows, maybe if you do everything right, she will want even to kiss you.

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