Top Reasons Why Do Russian Women Want American Men

Is it true that Russian women like American men? Of course, it is. It's a common phenomenon today and you can see lots of Russian-American couples in the cities of both countries. Why is it so? What do girls find in foreigners? What do they think of them? Keep reading to learn all the facts.

What do Russian women think of American men?

Russian women

‌Let's first plunge into the Russian women's minds and see what they really think about men from America. Spoiler alert, girls find many things Americans do uncommon, sometimes weird , but very cute.

Americans smile at strangers

‌This is what distinguishes Americans a lot from Russians. The United States has a reputation for being too friendly. Americans regularly smile at complete strangers and greet people they don't know. That's what Russians rarely do and that's why they're perceived as cold and reserved. Moreover, Americans are okay with being informal at work even with high management addressing them just by a name. Russian women like it.

Americans appreciate personal space

‌Russian women also notice Americans need a lot of “elbow room”. This is also different from Russia where it's totally fine to stand really close to each other in lines. Sometimes there are even no lines — people just crowd around a place they need wanting to be the first. And this is the reason girls like Western culture more — they see it as more civilized.

Americans have tattoos and work out a lot

‌Russian women find American tattooed men more masculine and even dominant . This is sexy for them, especially if a man works out a lot and has a fit body. Tattoos in Russia are common too, but not as common as in the US, where men have not just 1 but 2, 3, or more tattoos on their bodies.

Americans have a specific sense of humor

‌But Russian girls still like it a lot, even though it's different from how they joke in Russia. American humor is different, more ironic, and even sarcastic. American men in general seem a lot funnier to women than local guys. Maybe because Westerners are commonly more relaxed and confident and aren't afraid to look awkward.

Americans don't have so strict gender roles

‌This is a point Russian women feel dubious about. For example, they know most American women don't feel comfortable having the man pay for everything all the time. While it's okay in Russia for a man to be a provider. On the other hand, Russian women appreciate equality in relationships Western societies promote.

Russian lady

Top reasons why Russian women like American men

‌Now let's find an explanation of what's so special about American men that Russian girls go crazy about them.

  • American men help their wives. They try to share equally with their wives in parenting and housework. It's usually a woman's duty to do the dishes, clean the house, do laundry, iron men's clothes in Russia. At the same time, they have full-time jobs and come home late, just as men do. Seems a bit unfair, right? That's why girls look for a partner with a more modern approach to relationships and equality in them.
  • American men are more successful. It's an undeniable fact — America is much richer and more prosperous than Russia. Hollywood films create an image of a perfect American dream. Girls see how Americans dress, where they live, what cars they drive, and understand they can live a much better life with a husband from the US. An average American man would earn much more than an average Russian man. And this factor is important for women as they regard men as providers.
  • American men aren't so aggressive. It's pretty common for a husband to beat his wife in Russia . Moreover, there's no law that can protect women from domestic violence. The government thinks it's each family's private business, and they don't need to interfere. However, domestic violence is against the law in the USA. It is illegal to hit anyone:spouse, parent, child, and even pet.
  • American men are more respectful. Or to be more precise, they not only respect Russian girls, but they also admire them. This is a huge reason why Russian women like American men. Girls love feeling adored and cherished. Russian guys are used to the women being pretty and smart home keepers. They never think about what it costs to look so fabulous and what efforts it takes to balance work and household. They don't appreciate it, while American men do.
  • American men take more care of their health. Though health care can be very expensive in the United States, it's still one of the best in the world. Health insurances are common (while it's rather a rare phenomenon in Russia). But that's not only it. Russian men are notorious for their alcohol abuse. This is the number one reason for divorce in the country. Men ruin their health, families, lives. To avoid such a pity scenario, Russian women choose Americans who are much more conscious about it.

‌Let's again conclude — Russian women like American men. There are lots of reasons for that. Moreover, these feelings are usually mutual and men enthusiastically date girls from Russia. Together they make ideal couples. Each of them has something to offer and to take — that's why the relationships work perfectly. Do you agree with that? Will you try to date a girl from Russia?

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