What makes Russian girls popular among foreigners?

There are a plethora of stereotypes concerning Russian girls in relationships, but the most common one is that ladies in this country are known to be the best girlfriends and wives.

But what does distinguish Russian beauties from their sisters all over the world indeed? Here are top-6 reasons of why Westerners are so much attracted to Russian ladies.

1. Russian girls are hot and tender simultaneously

What attracts foreigners in these Slavic women is that they can combine different features in them at the same time. Russian girls can be soft and gentle in the morning, whereas in the evening they will turn into seducing hot chicks.

Having a girlfriend, who can switch from one mood to another effortlessly, is a charming and encouraging challenge for a man.

Dating a Russian lady for a foreigner is like an alluring game which will never make him relax. With this kind of women, a relationship can never get boring.

2. Russian ladies know how to look good

Yes, Russian girls are famous for being beautiful naturally. There are blonde, dark and brown-haired ladies, with green, blue, gray or even dark brown eyes which can make a foreigner forget about who he is. And which kind of body-shapes do Russian ladies have!

However, natural beauty is not the only feature that makes them appealing to foreigners.

Wherever Russian girls go, whatever they do, they always try their best at looking like celebrities. These beauties, perhaps, have it in their DNA – to take good care of themselves: getting the perfect makeup, gorgeous hair and brand new clothes.

Who wouldn’t like to have a partner with whom one can feel proud when walking in the streets, visiting malls, or attending theatres?

3. With a Russian girl, a man will never be hungry

Sure enough, mutual understanding and support, shared interests, respect and other spiritual aspects are crucial when building up a relationship, but let’s be frank: it is difficult to work on your relationship when you are hungry.

With a Russian girl, no man can feel hunger. If she goes somewhere as a guest, she will make sure to bring a delicious gift with her: a freshly-baked cake or just-bought candies.

Moreover, being hospitable and welcoming guests with a lot of food on the table is rooted deep in Russian culture. And Russian ladies are gladly practicing these traditions, making foreigners fall in love with them.

4. They have a Russian accent

Although it might seem weird, some foreigners consider Russian accent as a sexy one. Russian accent is tough, catching and, of course, funny.

Even if a Russian girl speaks English perfectly, she can quickly switch to the severe Russian accent and brighten up the mood of her partner.

This is the feature which can make a Westerner laugh out loud or turn him on. And it’s only Russian girls who can succeed at both.

So this is another reason why Westerners love hanging out with Russian girls, they are just fun!

5. Russian girls are straightforward

Russian people are very honest, so Russian girls are. In their culture, it’s time-consuming and just unnecessary to speak in a manner like: “Could you, please, pass me a salt shaker?” or “Would you mind telling me how to get to Moscow?”

No, that’s just not how it works with Russians. They are so straightforward that they cut out all excessive politeness. Therefore, a Russian girl would rather say: “Give me the salt” and “Where’s London?” (not even “How to get to London?”)

And as Russian girls are straightforward in their language, that’s how they are outright in their attitudes. So if a Russian lady likes a foreigner, she will neither hesitate nor blush to come up to him and say: “I like you.”

This can always cause amusing situations, but Westerners often take this feature of Russian girls as their sincerity.

6. They love having a good time

Russian girls never waste their time. If they have an opportunity to spend it among extroverts with lots of celebrations and enjoy the vibrant social scene, they will go for it.

And it is an excellent opportunity for foreigners to encounter them, sure enough, after online mail order birde.

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