Do you feel the difference between Russian and Ukrainian brides?
Yes, both are distinctively unique!
Yes, I mostly differentiate them
No, both are great!
Does the informativeness of ladies' profiles matter to you?
That's significant!
Short descriptions are also OK
Don't want to read a lot
Do you mind taking some personality tests?
I realize that it's a part of sign-up
I'm ready to do my best to meet my love
Don't like them much, but will do
Do you want receive matches from other users?
Yes, it will speed up my search
Not sure, but I can try
No, not interesting at all
Do Slavic girls attract you immensely?
Yes, Russian ladies are so sweet!
Yes, Ukrainian beauty rings a bell to me
Yes, Russian or Ukrainian, they're best!
Does the idea of video calls with a beauty drive you?
Certainly, can't wait!
Yes, but let's start with chat
Not so particularly
Is the easy site navigation crucial to you?
Yes, tremendously
More yes than no
More no then yes
Do you rely on the matchmaking algorithm?
Sounds like a good option
Would like to test it
Prefer choosing partners on my own
Do you see chatting as the best communication tool?
No doubt, it's the best!
Yes, it works well for a start
Not particularly
Do you want to get acquainted with the Slavic pretty?
That's my primary intention!
It has always been my dream!
Chatting will help me to determine
Will you need the help of our experts?
Yes, contact with the support is vital
Yes, FAQ will be my best guide
Maybe occasionally
Are you willing to base your search on your profile info?
Surely yes
More likely yes
Not important
Analyzing 0%
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